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Finding Answers


After an upgrade, a large Russian retail bank was inexplicably experiencing “timeouts” on Profile transactions originating from ATMs, its online bank, customer servicing platform and from multiple third-party and internal applications that were feeding transactions to the core processing environment. For three months, bank and other resources could not find the root of the problem. Within three days of the bank engaging Mozaic Group Partners, we uncovered an interface anomaly, which was adding burdensome overhead to every transaction and choking performance. The bank was able to correct the issue quickly and return to normal operations.



Providing High Voltage Help for Growth


In 2008, a U.S. national direct bank was on the verge of becoming the most successful of its kind. After several years of hyper-fast growth, however, it did not have sufficient technical resources to maintain its pace. Without an influx of Profile expertise to provide application and product development, the bank’s growth faced a brownout. The bank turned to Mozaic Group Partners to supplement and augment the bank’s in-house Profile resources and spark new momentum. The move helped the bank grow to more than $80 billion in assets before it was sold. Today, more than eight years later, operating under a new institutional banner, the direct bank is now among the largest in the country and continues to grow its new franchise with the help of Mozaic Group Partners’ highly talented Profile resources and the expertise.



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Rescuing Performance

Czech Republic

A large central European client institution was in midst of upgrading from an older version of Profile to the latest 7.x version. Upgrades require a migration of custom code, a process that requires skillful experience and expertise. The conversion of the custom code corrupted the bank’s end of day processing pushing it to an unacceptable and unimaginable 36 hours. Mozaic Group Partners was engaged to review, troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Our work found discrepancies and defects within the upgrade software that managed the framework’s code. The defects adversely affected the handling of the client’s custom code migration and significantly increased the processing overhead. Once identified, we fixed the code issues and returned the client’s end of day processing to peak performance levels.



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Solving the History Haystack


A client institution in Southeast Asia was processing corporate and business checking accounts in excess of 100,000 transactions a day per account. It was often necessary to search, find and review specific transactions in the system’s history files. A native function in Profile was not up to the task of providing results of the search in the required timeframes putting the bank at risk. Working for TN-FIS, our partner in Southeast Asia, Mozaic Group Partners identified and solved the issue, which resulted in faster and better responses. Our review exposed a limitation in the framework, which was returning less than optimal results from history. We developed a binary search capability for the framework and the client gained a 90 percent improvement in performance and search accuracy.



Year end Issues

Fixing Bad Year-End Déjà Vu

North America

Year end is a hectic time for banks. For some institutions, it means renewed frustration and a lot of extra work as they face many of the same nagging systems and application issues encountered in previous years. Profile institutions are not immune. Read this case study to learn how a large, North American Profile banking client stopped its year-end reporting madness with help from Mozaic Group Partners.



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