Our Profile competencies include application services; upgrades, implementation and third-party application integration; product and business analysis; performance enhancement services; GT.M database optimization, framework services; systems operation & reporting; and Profile application training, knowledge transfer and mentoring. We are experts in M, PSL and Data-Qwik. From this base of expertise, we support the full scope of functions and operations contained in Profile and Profile Direct (WebClient, WebCSR and WebAdmin).

Our help comes in all sizes. Our services range from the small and specific (optimizing parameters in a specific batch process, for example), to the large and very broad (initial implementations as well as full system upgrades). We are a fusion of global expertise and institutional experience, which means we understand Profile from the banking, operational and nuanced perspectives of retail banks, credit unions, commercial banks, government-owned entities, mortgage and specialty lenders in 18 countries and growing.


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Profile Application Services

Custom & Core Application Analysis, Design and Development

Whether it is custom or core work, our people are among the most knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to enhancing or creating new functions and features in Profile. We have decades-long experience working with the business rules and application logic that powers the core processing functionality housed in the system’s application layer.  Profile development requires a detailed knowledge of Profile’s parameters and processing. Understanding the ripple effects of code changes requires a high-level of expertise and experience.  Our expertise spans the entire banking application and includes the highest proficiencies in the following:


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Profile Upgrades, Implementations & Integrations

Since its commercial release in the 1980s, several generational versions of Profile have been released. Our people have experienced every upgrade and enhancement since the beginning. Not only are we intimately familiar with the core composition of every release version, we are attuned to code subtleties and nuances that support custom functions at institutions all around the globe.

We can assist an institution with their upgrade efforts, or we can take responsibility for the entire process. We are Profile upgrade, implementation and conversion experts. Our consultants have led or performed key roles in helping Profile institutions around the globe with their version upgrades and implementation projects. Our consultants are unparalleled when it comes to identifying and analyzing gaps. We are expert at performing Profile upgrade audits, which provide you with detail on version variances and give you comparative version intelligence specific to your institution. We shed full light on gaps, conflicts and solutions as they relate to your business and operational requirements — before you upgrade.

We have written conversion routines, data extractions, online and batch interfaces and provided integration with third-party applications such as payment systems, credit and debit cards, clearing houses, ACH, credit facilities, general ledgers, ATMs, call centers, CRM, marketing and data warehousing solutions, insurance and brokerage systems as well as online banking and origination applications.

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Profile Product & Business Analysis

Bridging Gaps & Gaining Market Velocity

Profile is one of the most flexible and sophisticated core banking solutions when it comes to supporting an institution’s strategic direction for its products and services. Harnessing Profile’s power, however, can be daunting and client institutions frequently engage Mozaic Group Partners to solve the challenge of matching institutional business, product and market requirements to Profile’s capabilities.

Our banking analysts (BAs) come to the table with a ready mix of financial products and services expertise and a deep-seated knowledge of how Profile creates, processes and supports products and services. We align Profile system capabilities with regulatory requirements and institutional business objectives. We help institutions extend Profile beyond its core capabilities by building functions and features unique to an institution’s marketplace. In such cases, our BAs provide the functional and technical blueprints that allow new, custom code to be built and become part of an institution’s “core” operation.

We are Profile application subject matter experts and have significant experience providing product and application analysis, gap identification, solution design, and configuring Profile customer, deposit and lending solutions.  Our consultants provide quality assurance, testing, defect resolution, documentation, and Profile application training, knowledge transfer and mentoring. Our experience includes Profile process re-engineering, vendor integration management, guiding custom code deployment processes and transitioning clients from Profile development to production environments.

Additionally, our global experience gives us insight to regional banking and economic challenges as well as familiarity with regulatory issues, all of which directly impact how products and services are created, operate and perform on the Profile platform.
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Profile Framework Services

Analysis, Development and Performance Enhancement

Many of our people have proven expertise working with database-level components of the Profile framework. These people are skilled with the application’s scripting language as well as its application and code generation tools. Client institutions most often use our framework services when they need to enhance existing functionality, build new features, fix defects and improve system performance. Our developers and analysts are highly skilled in GT.M optimization techniques and are frequently called upon to resolve database performance issues that have resulted from flawed version upgrades.

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Profile Systems Operation & Reporting

The day-to-day operation of any institution is filled with processes that occur from the moment a customer opens an account through to the institution’s periodic management and government reporting.

Operationally, our services run from the mundane of copying files to the more complex processes of system replication, fail-over and disaster recovery. We provide database management services, capacity planning and benchmark support.

Regulatory and bank management reporting require particular attention because of the periodic nature of the information requested and the requests for frequent changes to data contained in the reports. We modify, update, change and create new reports for government, management and marketing reporting requirements.

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Profile Application and Development Mentoring, Knowledge Transfer & Training

Client institutions often engage Mozaic Group Partners to supplement or augment the capabilities of their internal Profile staffs. Lengths of such engagements vary based on client requirements. Clients frequently further leverage our knowledge and expertise by expanding their engagements with us to include long- and short-term mentoring, knowledge transfer and Profile application training. On every engagement, we can offer such options to Profile developers, application analysts and product managers. Clients have found our mentoring, knowledge transfer and training efforts particularly helpful in combination with a Profile version upgrade, implementation or third-party integration project because we tailor the work specifically to an institution’s individual and custom requirements.

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Special Focus On Operational Integrity & Performance

Prior to touching a line of code, we conduct a project assessment in coordination with the client’s business or technical owner. This includes gathering functional requirements, writing functional and technical specifications and presenting a work proposal to the client. And, as with all projects we undertake, we thoroughly research and review the potential impact that any Profile change might have across the institution’s enterprise. We fully understand the requirement to view the system holistically and not in a vacuum. We deploy a system of checks and balances that pays particular attention to core and custom dependencies, third-party integrations, as well as system speed and performance.

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We Are Mozaic Group Partners

We are the leading, independent, global provider of Profile banking application services. We partner with Profile institutions to develop, implement, fix, enhance and protect the investment your institution has made in its banking system. With more than 280 client engagements in 21 countries and counting, we have helped more institutions solve their Profile issues than any other services provider on the planet.

Providing A Global Reach for Profile Services

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