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Hard-coding PSL, Literally!

The Profile Scripting Language (PSL) is a fabulous tool. However, many of PSL's great features are not well known and are often underutilized by many Profile developers. One of the more overlooked coding features of PSL is the capability it provides developers to use literal scope variables.  Chuck Hardy and Tom Locke, two of Mozaic Group Partners' most experienced Profile consultants, wrote this blog to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique in making your Profile development efforts easier and more productive.

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Avoid the Unexpected with Profile’s Early Warning System for Code Quality - PSL UCOPTS

 PSL UCOPTS functions as an early warning system that detects pre-compiled Profile syntax and logic issues giving you a chance to catch and correct Profile code development issues before they explode into compiled catastrophes. Read how this powerful Profile Scripting Language utility can help you prevent chaos by identifying and isolating issues in your code as you build it!

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Experiencing Profile performance issues? One of the easiest and quickest ways to improve system performance is to eliminate Profile coding mistakes. The key, of course, is to first identify the situations and circumstances in which coding mistakes are likely to occur. We have published a checklist that highlights 12 of the most common Profile coding mistakes developers need to avoid. This is the first in a series of occasional blog items to be published by Mozaic Group Partners on the subject of Profile performance.

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