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Allan Mattson Headshot

Allan Mattson

Mozaic Group Partners Co-Founder

Senior Analyst & Developer

37 years experience

“Profile clients engage us to take advantage of the expanse and depth of our expertise, our professional and mature experience and the resolve our people have to deliver exceptional results. They call us back because they appreciate our ethics, our collaborative spirit and the additional value the partnership brings to the investment they’ve made in their core banking system.”



Mozaic Group Partners was created in 2008 in response to a market need among Profile institutions searching for experienced people to provide systems integration, custom and core development, and performance enhancement services. Today, more than 30 of our associates provide more than 75 different types of Profile-related services in partnership with institutions around the globe. Our people are located worldwide, and we can provide our services 24×7, if required. Meet a few of our most senior professionals in the photo gallery that follows. 




  • Kamil Kubat

    Kamil Kubat

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    31 years experience
  • Mateusz Kubiak

    Mateusz Kubiak

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    12 years experience
  • Adam Grzesko

    Adam Grzesko

    Integration - Sr. Java Developer
    14 years experience
  • Austin Mattson

    Austin Mattson

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    18 years experience
  • Adam Dobrowolski

    Adam Dobrowolski

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    22 years experience
  • Gaurav Argawal

    Gaurav Argawal

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    13 years experience
  • Robert Hellauer

    Robert Hellauer

    Senior Banking & Business Analyst
    25 years experience
  • Jacek Frydrych

    Jacek Frydrych

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    25 years experience
  • Matt Zwitkowits

    Matt Zwitkowits

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    21 years experience
  • Neeraj Srivastava

    Neeraj Srivastava

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    16 years experience
  • Trace Mattson

    Trace Mattson

    Analyst & Developer
    7 years experience
  • Chuck Hardy

    Chuck Hardy

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    41 years experience
  • Pete Chenard

    Pete Chenard

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    30 years experience
  • Tom Locke

    Tom Locke

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    32 years experience
  • Filip Gierczak

    Filip Gierczak

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    14 years experience
  • Chad Smith

    Chad Smith

    Senior Analyst & Developer
    23 years experience


    TNFIS Vigrom at desk 4

    A Services Partnership

    For more than 33 years, businesses, financial institutions and government entities in Southeast Asia have relied on TNIS for world-class system integration and consulting services.

    “We impose extraordinary high standards on the services we provide for institutions in Southeast Asia, which makes our projects successful and on time, but also makes us very particular about the organizations we select to be our partners. When it comes to Profile, our choice is always Mozaic Group Partners. They hold themselves to the same exacting standards of excellence. They foster great cooperation and teamwork and they maintain focus to our best interest thus creating a sustainable partnership for successful Profile projects in Southeast Asia.”

    Vigrom Chaisinthop
    Managing Director, T.N. FI Solutions Limited

    We Are Mozaic Group Partners

    We are the leading, independent, global provider of Profile banking application services. We partner with Profile institutions to develop, implement, fix, enhance and protect the investment your institution has made in its banking system. With more than 250 client engagements in 18 countries and counting, we have helped more institutions solve their Profile issues than any other services provider on the planet.

    Providing A Global Reach for Profile Services