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Mozaic Group Partners Adds Two, Highly Experienced Profile Banking Consultants as Demand for Profile Services Work Grows


Mozaic Group Partners Adds Two, Highly Experienced Profile
Banking Consultants as Demand for Profile Services Work Grows

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Warminster, Pa., USA, September 30, 2018. – In response to an increase in Profile banking application projects requiring highly experienced resources, Mozaic Group Partners has added two senior Profile banking consultants.  The company welcomes David Campbell (32 years of Profile experience) and Kelly Underwood (26 years of Profile experience) into its growing worldwide Profile services and consulting practice.

“We added more than a half-century of Profile experience and leadership to our group,” said Marlon Lucero, co-founder and president of Mozaic Group Partners.  “Our clients will benefit from the experience, knowledge and leadership skills that Dave and Kelly provide.  We will continue to add quality expertise to our consulting group as our clients’ needs for highly experienced Profile banking application resources grows.”

Kelly Underwood has worked in financial services for 34 years and has 26 years experience providing business and product analysis as well as education and training programs for Profile banking application clients worldwide.  Kelly has gathered, defined and developed functional and technical requirements for Profile upgrades, conversions, implementations and application enhancements for Profile versions 4.2 thru 7.6.  Kelly also has significant experience providing client needs analysis, product and application analysis, gap identification, solution design, testing, Q/A analysis, and configuring Profile customer, deposit and lending solutions for client institutions.  Additionally, Kelly has provided Profile core and custom application training for all Profile modules and related components.

Dave Campbell has worked in the financial services and banking industry for 36 years.  For 32 of those years, he has provided business, product and development management services for Profile and Profile-related products for client institutions globally.  Dave’s Profile career began as the product manager for Profile FMS, the banking application’s general ledger product where he managed a team of business analysts and developers responsible for product sales, development, implementation/conversion, upgrades and maintenance/support.  He became a senior business analyst for the Profile Global Software Customization Group and later advanced into his role as senior development manager in charge of data conversion and UI development for the Profile Professional Services organization within FIS.  Dave managed a group of more than 20 resources responsible for the business analysis, code development, testing and implementation of Profile-related UI products and Profile customization projects for client institutions.  Dave’s unique blend of expertise, experience and knowledge of banking and Profile products provides client management teams with a full project perspective, which enhances understanding and promotes project success.

“We’ve not only added two people with demonstrated Profile experience, but each has served in leadership roles with responsibilities for client relationships, which helps us in our efforts to continue to deliver high-quality services with client-specific focus,” said Allan Mattson, Mozaic Group Partners co-founder and senior Profile developer and analyst.  “Profile clients engage us because of the expanse and depth of our expertise, our professionalism and collaboration, our resolve to get the job done correctly and our partnership approach to protecting our clients’ investment in their core banking system.  Dave and Kelly epitomize our company’s cornerstone mission of partnership.”

Mozaic Group Partners was created in 2008 in response to a market need among Profile institutions searching for experienced people to provide systems integration, custom and core development, and performance enhancement services.  Today, our consultants provide more than 75 different types of Profile-related services in partnership with institutions around the globe.  We are the leading, independent global provider of Profile banking application services with more than 275 client engagements in 18 countries and counting.  We have helped more institutions solve their Profile issues than any other services provider on the planet.


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