Mobile development for digital transformation

Building mobile apps has never been easier!

Whether you are taking your first steps or you've started your journey already, we are here to help. Our people know how to take complex business processes, simplifying them to create a safe and secure digital experience end-users will quickly understand and appreciate.

Mobile apps are acting as a digital face to your organization

As customers are relying more on their smartphones, adding mobile apps to your business strategy is just plain smart. Leveraging enhanced end-user experience, lightweight apps, quick time to market, it won't be long before competitors start their own digital journeys. Let Mozaic help you navigate through your digital transformation because that's our expertise.

Prepare for the digital revolution!

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Mozaic is building Android and IOS apps with React Native, Swift, Angular, Kotlin and more!

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Automate regression and uat testing with our TAaaS!

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Mozaic is testing mobile apps with Selenium, Appium, Xcode, Android Studio, Vysor and more!

Testing your digital transformation with automation

If you've come for Mozaic's test automation as a service (TAaaS) or help integrating automation into your QA processes, our consultants are ready to go at the drop of a bug! Build confidence into your agressive delivery schedule for both your end users and stakeholders by using automated tools for regression, unit, performance and acceptance testing.

Devices, versions and browsers

The permutations are endless - but we are tireless. Mozaic has access to many cloud-based device farms in order to maximize test coverage for the best end user experience, providing detailed reports to ensure greater stability or even for auditing purposes.

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We Are Mozaic Group Partners

We are the leading, independent, global provider of Profile banking application services. We partner with Profile institutions to develop, implement, fix, enhance and protect the investment your institution has made in its banking system. With more than 280 client engagements in 21 countries and counting, we have helped more institutions solve their Profile issues than any other services provider on the planet.

Providing A Global Reach for Profile Services

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