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Team Mozaic Back in the Saddle for Bike MS City to Shore 2016

A cloudy, cold and gray, fall morning leaked a fine drizzle, but it did not dampen the spirits nor deter the will of Team Mozaic’s five-person cycling crew as they rode 160 miles on the weekend of Sept 24 and 25 to participate in the 36th Annual Bike MS City to Shore cycling event.

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The Walking Forget-Me-Nots

One day every year for the past six years and counting, many small, but dedicated groups of folks get together for an event at Ocean Beach Park in New London, Conn. It’s known simply as Walk. For two leisurely paced miles people of all ages, races, and creeds walk together, side by side, some with arms around each other, some holding hands and nearly everyone carrying a long-stemmed, plastic pinwheeled flower of blue, purple, yellow or orange color.

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Taking the Profile 7.x Plunge? What You Need to Know Before You Jump!

Mozaic Group Partners has helped institutions around the globe with their Profile upgrades going back to early 5.x versions, so it comes as no surprise that we are frequently asked by Profile client institutions, “Should I upgrade?”

The risk involved with a software version upgrade of any sort evokes fear and loathing among the best IT and operations people. Many things have to go right with an upgrade for it to be successful, but it only takes a few things to go wrong to make it a costly failure and expensive cleanup. Profile institutions are not immune. In fact, given the level of complex customization in practically every Profile implementation, the risk is inherently high.

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Mozaic Group Partners Celebrate in Costa Rica

The people who work at Mozaic Group Partners are some of the very best in the world at what they do, and they know their reputation and that of the company’s is only as good as the commitment they provide and the quality of the work they deliver.

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Reducing Poverty One Small Loan at a Time

Sometimes it’s the smallest assistance that can make the largest difference.

For a little more than three years, Mozaic Group Partners has participated proudly in a program that provides impoverished people around the globe with access to capital to start or grow a business and help lift them out of poverty.

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We Are Mozaic Group Partners

We are the leading, independent, global provider of Profile banking application services. We partner with Profile institutions to develop, implement, fix, enhance and protect the investment your institution has made in its banking system. With more than 280 client engagements in 21 countries and counting, we have helped more institutions solve their Profile issues than any other services provider on the planet.

Providing A Global Reach for Profile Services

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